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Dr.Adel Alammari
Consultant, Urology

Dr. Adel Alammari is a Consultant, Urology at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital.
Dr. Adel Alammari provides the following services at the hospital :

1. Laparoscopy nephrectomy
2. Stone surgeries – PCNL Ureteroscopy
3. Laparoscopy partial nephrectomy
4. Laparoscopy pyeloplasty
5. Cancer surgery: cystectomy with neobladder or ileal conduit or
6. orchiectomy.

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Years of Experience
Dr. Adel Alammari obtained his MBCCH from King Abdulaziz university medical school, Jeddah, KSA in 1999 then got his Canadian Board of urology from McGill university, Montreal, Canada in 2008 followed by getting his MIS and Robotic fellowship from the same university in 2009 alongwith getting his Endo urology fellowship from University of western Ontario, London Ontario, Canada in 2011 .

 Work Experience
Dr. Adel Alammari  worked as a Consultant  in  the  department of   Urology at  King Faisal specialist hospital and research center from 2011 to 2018 .

 Scientific Achievements
Dr. Adel Alammari obtained the  Canadian Board of urology in  2009  and got the   AUA  and CUA memberships in  2010 followed by getting   Endo urology Society membership in 2011.