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Dr.Maher Ashour
Consultant, Internal medicine and diabetes
Internal Medicine

Dr. Maher Ashour is a Consultant, Internal medicine and diabetes at Dr. Soliman  Fakeeh  Hospital.
Dr. Maher provides the following services at the hospital :

-IM/ diabetic
-Inpatient & outpatient
-Assessment & follow up

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Years of Experience
Dr. Maher Ashour has obtained his Doctor of medicine  from  Volgograd medical Academy,  Volgograd,  Russia in 2000 then  he got his  1year fellowship from the National Center for diabetes, endocrinology & garetics, Amman,  Jordan in 2009  then he  obtained the Board of Internal Medicine at  Joran Medical council,  Amman,  Jordan In 2010.

 Work Experience
Dr. Maher Ashour started his  career  as a  Specialist in  the  department of  IM at the  Ministry of health, Amman, Jordan  from 2010 to 2012 then as a  Senior registrar in the  department  of Endocrinology/ diabetes at  Prince Sultan Medical Military Hospital,  Riyadh, KSA from 2012 to 2015 then  as Consultant/ Medical director in the  department of  IM at  International diabetes care center,  Jeddah, KSA from 2015 to 2018.

 Scientific Achievements
-    General Practitioner at  Jordan Medical Association  in 2001. -     Specialist of IM at  Internal Medicine  Association   in 2010. -     MD at  American College of physicians in 2014.